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We Are Ruff House Art

Ruff House Art is a letterpress stationery brand & print studio located in Lawrence, Kansas. We have been creating wedding invitations, greeting cards and Eco-friendly paper goods since 2009. Our paper stock and printing methods are based around quality, environmental impact and print-ability, with our goal of providing you with reliability, craft & professionalism. All products are printed in-house or locally, with all design and assembly done by our in-house team making 100% of our products 100% made in the USA.

What We Sell

Ruff House Art carefully selects all of our paper stock and printing methods based on quality, environmental impact & printability. With each order, you can expect reliability, craft and professionalism. All of our products are printed locally and we have our own in-house letterpress machines. Printing and assembly are all done by our in-house production team making 100% of our products 100% Made in the USA.

Sound Familiar?

[ Oh...you're the one with the dog logo! ]

Ruff House Art’s designs and products have been seen in Better Homes & Gardens, Food & Wine, BRIDES, Stationery Trends, Gift Shop Magazine, Giftware News, Coastal Living, Country Living, The Knot and Town & Country. You can purchase our products at stores around the world from the US to Canada & even Australia. We can be found nationally in Nordstrom, Cost Plus World Market, Paper Source & West Elm stores.

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Our Story

In early 2009, Jill found herself in her basement, with a 1 ton hunk of iron, a macbook and a vision. She had always wanted to own her own business and the timing was right. She created a handful of wedding suites, put them online, and Ruff House Art was born.

After spending a couple of years creating and growing her Internationally sold wedding line, she brought on partner, later turned husband, Brian, to take her dream to the next level. Together, they grew Ruff House Art and the retail line was born.

Jill is inspired by her everyday life. Her husband and their friendship, her daughter and her laughter and the stationery industry and all the talented folks in it. Driven by the desire to make a positive impression on her daugher so she’ll learn the value of hard work and determination. The sky is the limit. Lots of coffee, tears, laughter and stress can create magical things.

Jill Shephard - Ruff House Art

Jill Shephard

Founder & Creative Director

Jill's day to day is master of all things created, packaged, shipped & conversed about. If it needs done, see Jill. In an earlier time, Jill wanted to be a gymnastics coach, a dog trainer, an interior designer, a stay-at-home mom and even a ski instructor. When she grows up, she wants to be an organizational wizard, a best friend and mentor to her daughter and on the cover of Martha Stewart Magazine. She gets giddy every time a vintage VW, particularly a bug or bus, crosses her path. She is happiest reading books and playing kitchen with her daughter, Mila. She would someday love to road trip around the country in a vintage VW Bus.

Brian Shephard - Ruff House Art

Brian Shephard

Web Developer & Photographer

Brian's day to day is the can you fix this, code that, photograph this and build that guy. In an earlier time, Brian wanted to build sky scrapers, photograph elephants, animate movies and even be a race car driver. When he grows up, he wants to have a giant garage full of mustangs, travel the world with his camera and work beach side. He becomes unaware of his surroundings every time a Mustang crosses his path as he's owned 5 to date. He is happiest making splendid messes with Mila, getting absorbed in playing the piano & cheering on the Phoenix Suns. He would someday love to restore that VW Bus to ride co-captain with Jill on one epic adventure!

Emily Decker - Ruff House Art

Emily Decker

Store Manager

Emily's day to day is blogging, organizing this, ringing up that and all the around helping hand. In an earlier time, Emily wanted to be a professional dancer, a photographer, a lawyer, and even a yoga teacher. When she grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian, have at least five French bulldogs, and have her photographs hanging in the Museum of Modern Art. She is at her happiest watching Jayhawk Basketball, cuddling with her dog, Billy, and eating brunch on Saturdays. Someday, she would love to drop everything and move to Europe to explore, finally settling down in the Scottish Highlands.

Caroline Baloga - Ruff House Art

Caroline Baloga

Retail Sales Associate

Caroline’s day to day is running the shop on weekends, packaging and stocking this and that, and helping with whatever needs to be done. In an earlier time Caroline wanted to be a costume designer, painter or florist. When she grows up she would like to be an urban landscape architect and create the next Millennium Park. She would love to have a collection of mid-century art especially Charley Harper’s illustrations. She is happiest eating waffles (with whipped cream), watching cheesy 80’s films, making art and listening to live music. Someday, she would like to take a spontaneous adventure with her two sisters.