Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your questions here, then feel free to contact us directly.


Is there a minimum order required on wedding invitations?

Yes. A minimum of 25 invitations is required. However, if you have already placed your order and find you have run short, there is no minimum for reorders.

What is the print production time on my letterpress wedding invitations?

Please expect 4 weeks print production time on your letterpress wedding invitation order. Rush options are not available for letterpress orders.

Do you offer inner/outer envelopes?

No. Only outer mailing envelopes are available.

How are the invitations shipped? Domestic and International.

We ship all of our invitation via USPS Priority Shipping. They ship fully insured and signature is required upon delivery.

How does the proofing process work?

All initial proofs are done digitally via PDF files. We will email you a PDF proof of your wedding invitations and you will email us back with your edits. Once you approve the digital proof, you can either move forward with print production or request a hard proof. We strongly recommend that everyone order a hard proof of their wedding invitations. We will mail you your exact invitation to approve. Your paper colors, your ink colors, your invite exactly as it will arrive to your guest. Everyone’s monitor can display colors differently, sometimes giving a false impression of the paper or ink colors. The hard proof lets you see what your invite will look like in person. We do not charge for hard proofs and they typically go out in the mail to you 1-2 business days after you approve your digital proof.

How many rounds of revisions are included in the cost?

Unlimited. Getting married is stressful enough without having to worry about whether you are going to catch all your changes in 2 or 3 revisions. We want your wedding invitations to be just as perfect as you do, therefore we will work on them for as long as it takes. The majority of our clients nail down their final proof in 2-4 revisions.

I would like a custom design. How does that process work?

Our custom design fee is $75.00. We will work to make your invitations exactly how you envision them. If you would like a custom designed invitation, contact us directly and we are happy to begin the process with you.

Do you offer envelope liners?

Yes. However, we do outsource the production of the envelope liners to one of our paper vendors. The cost is $1.25 per invitation for the upgraded envelope with liner. They come fully assembled. Please note that this option may increase the print production time of your order. Plan accordingly.

I need my invitations now, is there a rush option available?

Yes, we do have a print production rush option available for $75.00. This provides 2-day shipping on any supplies we need to order for your invitations and a 3 day print production turn around time once all supplies are in stock as opposed to our typical 2 week production time. We can also upgrade the shipping from priority to overnight. Since the design production varies per client and is highly dependent on how fast the client can approve proofs, we cannot guarantee a turn around time on design production.

How do I know how much postage my invitations will require?

The postage varies on each of our invitations and if you are concerned, we strongly recommend you take your hard proof to your local post office and have them weigh it to be certain. Ruff House Art is not responsible for any increased postage cost you may incur. Please note that some of the response postcards for our invitations are not standard sizes and will require additional postage.

Can I change the wording and does that affect the cost of the invitations?

Yes, you can change the wording and No, it does not affect the cost of the invitations. We want your invitations to be exactly what you want, therefore we do not require specifically formatted wording. There is also not a character limit but please note there is no guarantee that we will be able to fit all the information you’d like on your invitation. Remember the biggest invitation we offer is 5"x7" and no matter how hard we try, three pages of a word document will not compress to a 5"x7" invitation. If you need help with the wording of your invitation, we are happy to help. After all, it is what we do!

Are envelopes included in the cost of the invitations?

Yes. The cost per invite includes coordinating Solar White or Classic Natural White Envelopes. If you would like to upgrade to a colored envelope, the cost is $0.25 per invitation.

Can you print my guest addresses on the envelopes?

Yes. We can print your entire guest list on the mailing side of the outer envelopes for a $25.00 flat fee, regardless of how many wedding invitations you order. Please provide us with an excel spreadsheet formatted exactly as follows: Column A: Names Column B: Street Address Column C: City, ST Zip Column D: Country (only if applicable) If you have a second line of guest names or a second line of street addresses, please insert those after the appropriate column.

Can you print the return address on the envelopes?

Yes. Your return address can be printed on the back flap of the outer mailing envelope for a $25.00 flat fee, regardless of how many invitations you order.

How much do the wedding invitations cost and are discounts available?

The price shown for each digitally printed invitation in our shop is the cost per invite. For example, the Art Deco Love Birds Wedding Invitation Sample costs $5.00. Therefore, the invitations are $5.00 each. I do offer a 10% discount on all orders over 100 invitations and a 15% discount on orders over 150 invitations. Letterpress wedding invitations are priced based on quantity. Please visit the letterpress pricing page for a list of costs.

Does changing the paper color affect the cost per invite?

No. All of the papers included in our smooth and linen libraries are available for each invite at no additional cost. Some of our specialty paper, such as 100# cover weight and seeded plantable paper are available for an upgraded cost. The cost of each invitations includes coordinating white or ivory envelopes. To upgrade to a colored envelope is a $0.25 upcharge per invitation.

How do I place an order for my wedding invitations?

Navigate to the wedding order form and fill out your information. Once we receive your order form, we will begin working on a digital proof of your wedding invitations. Expect to receive a PDF proof within 2-4 business days of your submission.

Can you explain the printing process and why white ink is not recommended on dark paper?

Digital printing inks are transparent, therefore allowing whatever paper color you print them on, to show through the ink. There is no such thing as white ink in digital printing as every color is made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Letterpress is a little different as the inks are not quite as transparent. Printing white on a dark paper is possible, but you are still going to have transparency issues and the ink will not be Bright White. Mixing Silver in with the white can help with this but I generally recommend people stay away from white ink on dark paper if they are wanting a clean crisp look.

How many extra invites should I plan to order?

10% extra is a good number to go by. Or, if you aren’t a math person, plan to order 10 extra. Why might you need extra if you are certain your invite list is accurate? Well, there will always be last minute add ons. Someone you might not had planned to invite will ask when your wedding is and when they should start making plans to come. Or, you will get invites returned in the mail. You won’t always want to send the same invite out again, as sometimes they can be returned a bit mangled. Always plan for the unexpected! However, if you don’t order enough, you can always contact me for smaller orders if you run out.

What is your turn around time on invites?

The design process is different for every client. Typically expect 2-4 weeks in the proofing & design stages of your invite. Once your design is approved and your invoice is paid, my turn around production time is 2 weeks. Samples are shipped out within 1-2 business days of the purchase. All samples are shipped First Class USPS.

General Questions

Can I tear up my seeded greeting card and plant it in several locations?

Yes, however we don’t recommend tearing it into small of pieces. There needs to be enough visible, viable seeds in each portion of the card to germinate. We recommend that you don’t tear the card up in more than 3 or 4 pieces to maximize successful germination.

Why didn’t all the seeds grow in the seeded greeting card?

Due to the pressure applied to the paper during the letterpress printing process, any seeds that fall under the printed design will likely not germinate. The paper gets printed with pressure and those seeds become smashed and their ability to germinate compromised. As when planting regular garden seeds, not all seeds will germinate, regardless of paper position, however a large enough portion for proper plant health should germinate just fine.

How do I plant the seeded greeting cards?

Moisten the paper with water and lay on top of loose, moistened soil. Lightly sprinkle the top of the card with loose soil. It is not necessary to completely cover the card with soil, just lightly cover. Keep the card lightly moistened until the seeds germinate, at which pint you can water regularly. Most seeds should germinate within 10-14 days.

How durable are letterpress paper coasters?

While the coasters are made of paper, they are very durable. The coasters are letterpress printed with water resistant ink and will withstand normal wear and tear. Water and beverage condensation will not damage or warp the coasters, however they will stain if a colored liquid is spilled on them.

I already have a calendar case, can I order just the refill?

Yes. Each of our calendar listings have an option for the full calendar or the refill only when placing the order.

Can I return my order?

We accept returns withing 14 days of receipt. Return shipping is not provided by Ruff House Art. Once we receive your undamaged returned item, we will refund the cost of the item, less shipping to the card or paypal account that you purchased the item with. We do not accept returns or refunds on wedding invitations.

How is my order being shipped?

All of our home & office retail items are shipped via USPS first-class mail.

What are your business hours?

We are open Monday-Friday, 9 am – 5 pm central standard time.

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