Unsharpened Writing Pencils

Coffeehouse Pencil Set

Assorted Set of 8 Unsharpened Writing Pencils


About this item
  • Set of 8 Unsharpened Pencils
  • Hand Gold Foil Stamped
  • Non-Smear Erasers
  • No. 2 Graphite Cedar
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Additional Information

This assorted set of 8 themed pencils is perfect to keep you on track and inspired. Packaged in a beautiful custom gift box. Pencil phrases include : But first coffee, Death before decaf, Hot. Iced. Blended., Life happens coffee helps, One cream. Two sugars., A hug in a mug, Brew. Pour. Sip. Ahh., Percolate then caffeinate. The pencils are hand hot foil stamped on our vintage foil stamping press. Designed, printed and packaged in our Lawrence, Kansas studio.